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Keynote Speaking
I’m Kristen O’Shea…and I’m ready to engage, energize and inspire your audience!
What could happen if everyone in your organization was working with their strengths, not against them
That’s the big question I want to help you answer during your next event.
As a coach, consultant and speaker, I help individuals and teams identify their strengths and discover how to use them for maximum engagement and productivity in the workplace.
Presentation Titles & Descriptions
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Coaching in a Keynote: Unlocking Your Full Potential

Audience: General

Key Theme: Use your unique strengths and talents to live and work with intention, passion and purpose.

All of us want to live our best lives, both personally and professionally. But for most of us, we are the ones holding ourselves back. The key to realizing our full potential is to stop living on autopilot and living intentionally every single day.


This keynote talk is actually a personal coaching session in disguise. In her presentation, Kristen will show your audience how to identify their most positive and promising traits – and how to apply them to get the most out of life every day. 


Kristen’s talk also addresses the importance of total well-being and how to recognize and maximize individual strengths, interests and resources. She’ll demonstrate how individuals and organizations can use this knowledge to create a work environment that is future-oriented and values-based. 


Throughout the talk, Kristen incorporates time for personal reflection and hands-on activities to help each audience member understand and apply the concepts presented. 

Leadership at All Levels

Audience: General

Key Theme: Everyone can be a leader in their job.

Leadership is an activity, not a position. Every individual in an organization is a leader in some way, from the front desk staff to the CEO. However, we often get stuck in the “just an employee” mindset and don’t see ourselves as instrumental in the direction of the company. In this talk, your audience will:

  • Discover how to change their mindset to see themselves as a leader

  • Identify what kind of leader they are, using their strengths as a guide

  • Determine opportunities in their day-to-day work to serve as a leader with colleagues, vendors, or customers/clients

  • Learn five ways to grow their leadership skills and set themselves up for future growth

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Leveraging Your Greatest Asset: Your Strengths

Audience: General

Key Theme: Discovering and optimizing your strengths, both personally and professionally.

What if we all viewed our natural tendencies and top skills as strengths instead of weaknesses? Our productivity, motivation and engagement skyrockets when we learn to work with our strengths, not against them. In this hands-on program, your audience will: 

  • Identify their personal top five strengths, using the Gallup CliftonStrengths® assessment

  • Find out how to change their mindset and embrace the personality traits, skills and talents they’ve been given

  • Understand how working against their talents has held them back from maximizing productivity

  • Explore ways to fully utilize their strengths to create the best work and life possible

Lead With Your Strengths

Audience: Executives, Managers

Key Theme: Use your strengths to make you a more effective leader and manager.

Getting the most out of your team starts with personal self-awareness. Knowing your strengths – and your weaknesses – allows you to become a better leader and get the most from your team. In this presentation, your audience will:

  • Identify their personal top five strengths, using the Gallup CliftonStrengths® assessment

  • Discover how to apply their strengths in a leadership role

  • Learn more about identifying their team members’ strengths and using that information to maximize productivity and engagement

Engage, Energize and Inspire: Creating an Environment Where People Want to Work

Audience: Executives, Managers

Key Theme: Best practices for increasing engagement, improving retention and getting the most from your team.

In today’s market, it’s not enough to just provide employees with a paycheck. They want more: More opportunities for growth, more chances to improve their skills, and more recognition of their accomplishments. This session will address why engagement is critical for the future of your organization and methods you can use to keep team members engaged, energized and inspired.

Your audience will learn:

  • How to use each individual’s strengths to set them – and the company – up for success

  • Why a one-size-fits-all approach to leadership doesn’t work

  • The 12 Factors of Employee Engagement – and how they can be customized for the company culture

  • Why opportunities for personal growth and recognition will encourage employee longevity and loyalty

  • Why a work environment that puts people over profits can benefit the organization’s long-term success

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“Incredible talk. I loved it. Her message is beautiful. She’s gone so far in her strengths journey already and are inspiring so many others to help others grow.”

Paul Allen

CEO, keynote speaker, tech visionary

Founder of

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