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Individual Coaching
Leverage your strengths, optimize your greatest asset - you.

Your greatest asset is you. Your greatest potential is your strengths. Like you, I know what it feels like to fixate on my weaknesses, only to come out average. Your authentic talents and innate gifts ought to be honed into your greatest assets. Nobody should miss the opportunity to be celebrated for their unique contribution, to deeply understand and accepted by themselves and others. When you develop and apply your strengths, Gallup studies show you are:


As likely to be engaged at work


More productive in your role


As likely to have an excellent quality of life


As likely to do what you do best everyday

How it works
  1. Schedule a free consultation today through email.

  2. Customize your coaching plan based on your goals. 

  3. Identify, develop and aim your strengths towards desired outcomes.

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Before strengths coaching, I didn’t think I had the ability to influence others and I wasn’t sure what added value I brought to my workplace. My style of performance is different from my supervisor and I couldn’t figure out how my talents were as effective. In my sessions with Kristen, I had space to discuss this challenge that felt like a road block. I had permission to be bold and experimental in how I approached a solution. We talked through what I needed from my supervisor and I had the confidence to ask for it. The conversation between my supervisor and I was a game changer. Now, I realize I’ve been influencing others in my own way. I feel more confident in my role. I don't think hardly at all about what I don't have or if I should be more like my supervisor or other co-workers. Read More...

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