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Strengths Session


It can be easiest to see the weaknesses in those closest to us. Why not focus on the positive talents of your family this summer with a Family Strengths Session! In this interactive 90 minute session, your family will:

  • Discover their Gallup CliftonStrengths

  • Create a shared language around what is best and unique about one another

  • Have memorable conversation that will last for many summers to come

Follow the steps below to set up your session! 

  • Live in Topeka

  • Live in Manhattan

  • Virtual from Anywhere

    • Your home/Location of choice

1. Choose Location 
1. Choose Location 


2. Family Size

GallupStrengths Assessments for each family member above age 8 and up to 12 people. Larger groups available upon request.



3.Purchase & Schedule

Day, Evening, Weekend times are available  -- Your coach will reach out to schedule a mutually convenient time and collect payment.



Meet Your Coaches

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Kristen O'Shea

Trey Burton

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What is your favorite family strengths memory? I had an 'aha' moment when I realized my brother was motivated by the competition strength. This insight has led me to a much greater understanding. And I will never forget learning that five out of the six family members my husband grew up with have WOO! There is never a dull moment with them.

Why Strengths Coaching with Families? My bachelor's degree is in Family Science & Human Development. One of the best gifts we can give our family is personally investing in them as individuals and affirming their best qualities.Strengths Coaching is a great way to build a healthy family unit. It's so rewarding to see how strengths transforms and deepens family relationships -- not only as a family unit, but a better understanding among siblings and family dynamics.

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What is your favorite parenting strengths memory?

I had an 'aha' moment when I realized I was missing several hints as to what my kids’ Strengths were outside of sports and the performing arts. This awareness led to a much better understanding of how I could improve as a parent.  They were more successful and happier, and I was more confident and relaxed. 


Why Strengths Coaching for Parents?

As a parent of three grown children, I have many years of parenting experience. No matter the age, we never stop being a parent – even while we are at work.  One of the best gifts we can give ourselves and our children is to invest in this important life-long relationship. Coaching is a great way to build a healthy family unit. It's so rewarding to see how strengths can put us a positive path forward.

See What Others Are Saying

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"I felt that I was continually requiring self-talk to not be critical. Going through strengths with my family has helped me to value my strengths and others and appreciate our differences and utilize our differences." - Mom

"After doing strengths with my family I realized I can connect better with them and feel more comfortable about new situations and solving problems. I feel more positive and not discouraged about my weaknesses." - Dad 

"Before strengths, I felt like I was different than everyone else and I thought that was a bad thing." - High School Son

"Sometimes I feel frustrated when trying to explain where I am coming from to my friends and family. After seeing my strengths and learning more about them, especially restorative, in a session with my family, I feel more connected to them." - College Student Daughter


“I cannot say enough about this incredible experience; it was by far one of the best two-hour investments we have ever made together as a family. My goal was simple – I wanted to empower our young adult children with the tools, insight and language of ‘Strengths’ they could use on resumes and in job interviews as they explored career opportunities. I had no idea how impactful it would be. It has bolstered their confidence and brought us closer with a deeper appreciation and understanding of the very best we have to give each other.”  – Mom

“I wasn't sure about this at first, but I’m grateful I was lol ‘forced’ into it. Knowing my Strengths has been transformational and affirming in how to lead.  ”  – College Student Son

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"Our family loved our Strengths Retreat. It was a great experience to discover our own strengths, learn more about them and understand ways to enhance those natural abilities into true assets. It also giving us a chance to learn about each other. I loved the conversation before, during and after and I hope to continue the conversation to help each other get stronger and fine-tune our strengths." - Tara Dimick, Mom

  • Can I talk to someone or schedule the session before I purchase?
    Absolutely, call 405.625.5896 or email at
  • What if we have already taken our Strengths Assessment?
    Great! While checking out, don't add the family members who already know their top 5. When you connect with your coach, make sure they know the total number of people in your family.
  • Where do we meet?
    If you are within 20 miles of Topeka or Manhattan, we can meet at your house or locationof choice including library, coffee shop, etc. If you are choosing the virtual option, wherever you can see a streaming screen. :)
  • How long does it take?
    The session will be 1.5 hours. Taking the Gallup strengths assessment takes 30 minutes for each individual.
  • Will my kids like it?
    Yes! Will they be skeptical at first? Yes. But ultimately they will enjoy talking about what they are good at and how they are unique. Strengths Explorer is the version for ages 8-14 and CliftonStrenghts is the version for those 15+.
  • What if I have children under 8?
    If you family consists of parents and only children under 8, consider doing just the two of you. If you have children both over age 8 and under, we can include everyone! Often times we will ask the younger children some questions to get a flavor of their natural ways of thinking, feeling and behaving and then we know their strengths as well.
  • I took this test for work, but does it really apply to my home life?"
    Yes! Your results are tied to how you innately behave, feel, and think. These are your core motivations, that remain at the heart of how you operate; but different environments may engage those abilities in unique ways.
  • What is the cost?
    $250 per session plus $20 per person over the age of 8 who needs a Gallup CliftonStrengths access code.
Focus on what is right about your family!
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