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Strengths Training
Discover everyone’s greatest areas for potential and create a common language through team workshop.

• Identify individuals and team’s top 5 CliftonStrengths
• Apply exercises to increase buy into individual’s talents & the need for partnerships
• Understand positive psychology & correlation to engagement & well-being scores
• Describe your top 5 strengths woven together
• Develop your awareness of raw, unhelpful versions of talent vs. mature, productive versions of talent
• Apply strengths towards leadership qualities: 1) Trust 2) Compassion 3) Stability 4) Hope. 

How it works

1. Contact Kristen to plan your team session with 2- 200 people for 2- 8 hours.

2. Identify participants top five CliftonStrengths through the assessment. 

3. Develop your talents to strengths for increased performance.

carrie r mueller.jpg

I had two co-workers who could not see eye to eye and I was constantly in the middle trying to help them find common ground. I felt like I was beating my head against a wall. “Why did I care? Leave it alone.” Through strengths team training, I realized my yearning to help people see eye to eye was not a bad thing but a good thing. I use my harmony strengths to see both sides, get in the messy middle and help solve issues. The outcome is a win/win for everyone and creates a better work environment. Because of leveraging my strengths, I now have two employees who are engaged and back to working towards the ultimate goal. Read More...

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