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Organizational Development
Drive key performance indicators through employee engagement and strengths integration.
67% of US employees are not engaged and 51% of employers are actively looking for another job according to Gallup. Employees spend far too much time and energy in their jobs for this waste of talent and it costs your company thousands in productivity loss and turnover. Not to mention managers spend 85% of their time on the disengaged workers.

You can’t afford more development training workshops that don’t stick and create change. Organizations who are successfully implementing strengths-based management practices measure performance increases* up to:


Increased Profit


Lower Turnover


Increased Sales


Fewer Safety Incidents


Increased Employee



Higher Customer


*Gallup. Rigoni, B. Asplund, J. (2016. July 7). Strengths-Based Employee 

Development: The Business Results Article. Retrieved from: http://news.


Through a customized change project we will:


1.Target your company’s key performance indicators and determine desire outcomes

2.Measure employee engagement & identify Top 5 CliftonStrengths

3. Execute action planning, team sessions, 1:1 coaching and integration platforms to drive outcomes through strengths.

Companies who fully integrate the benefits of strengths, not only drive organizational outcomes, but they begin to leverage the best talents of their people, partner strategically, job craft, customize development plans, manage employees more effectively and have authentic conversations around a common language of what they themselves and others do best.

Integrate Strengths directly into your Outlook Email

Kristen’s work with the Greater Topeka Chamber of Commerce, GO Topeka, FORGE, EMBD and Heartland Visioning was instrumental in an organizational transformation in engagement and morale.  Kristen has a keen insight and understanding of organizational development and her work with  StrengthsFinder strategies and employee engagement moved our team to a new level of understanding that was supported by action. 


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