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Our misunderstood executive had the strength of “Maximizer.” She naturally wanted to maximize everything we did to continue to reach new heights. Understanding this through Kristen's workshop fundamentally changed our understanding of her and actually caused several staff members to keep that in mind when building conferences, workshops and programs for our clients. It was a great breakthrough and she now has the nickname “Maximizer!” Read More...

Kristen’s work with the Greater Topeka Chamber of Commerce, GO Topeka, FORGE, EMBD and Heartland Visioning was instrumental in an organizational transformation in engagement and morale.  Kristen has a keen insight and understanding of organizational development and her work with StrengthsFinder strategies and employee engagement moved our team to a new level of understanding that was supported by action. Read More...

For me as a CPA, having Futuristic as a strength doesn’t necessarily fit in with the “stereotypical” CPA, but going through Kristen’s training helped me realize I need to especially use that strength, because  bringing unique and diverse perspectives to solving issues is absolutely critical. Berberich Trahan & Co. PA conversations and expectations have changed now that we have incorporated strengths into our culture to be more in line with people’s natural talents. This is helping us optimize everything we do.  Read More...


Kristen O'Shea

Owner & Coach

Kristen increases the performance of individuals and teams through Gallup CliftonStrengths, engagement and well-being with her company O'Shea Strengths Coaching. She has moved the needle on development of strengths for corporate, nonprofit, government, and faith organizations. Kristen proudly pioneered and championed the vision of Kansas State University becoming a Strengths-based campus. The journey of how she increased engagement, well-being and retention, and impacted a campus of more than 28,000 students is featured in the introduction of Gallup’s Clifton Strengths for Students book and in her Keynote at the Gallup CliftonStrengths Summit 2018 to an audience of 1500.

Kristen previously served as Executive Director of the quality of life division for the Greater Topeka Chamber of Commerce, Leadership Greater Topeka, and coordinated membership for LeadingAge Kansas an association for non-profit aging services. 

Kristen’s undergraduate degrees at Kansas State University include: B.S. in Family Science and Human Development; secondary major in Gerontology; and a minor in Leadership Studies. She has a graduate certificate in Positive Psychology and a Masters of Education in Positive Coaching  from the University of Missouri. Learn more on her  Linkedin page.



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