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Strengths Session

It can be easiest to see the weaknesses in those closest to us. Why not focus on the positive talents of your family this summer with a Family Strengths Session! In this interactive 90 minute session, your family will:

  • Discover their Gallup CliftonStrengths

  • Create a shared language around what is best and unique about one another

  • Have memorable conversation that will last for many summers to come

Follow the steps below to set up your session! 

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Meet Your Coaches

Kristen O'Shea

Erin Poppe

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Location: Topeka, KS

What is your favorite family strengths memory? I had an 'aha' moment when I realized my brother was motivated by the competition strength. This insight has led me to much greater understanding. And I will never forget  learning that five out of the six family members my husband grew up with have WOO! There is never a dull moment with them.

Why Strengths Coaching with Families? My bachelor's degree is in Family Science & Human Development.One of the best gifts we can give our family is personally investing in them as individuals and affirming their best qualities. Strengths Coaching is a great way to build a healthy family unit. It's so rewarding to see how strengths transforms and deepens family relationships -- not only as a family unit, but a better understanding among siblings and family dynamics.

Location: Manhattan, KS

What is your favorite family strengths memory? My favorite strengths memory is realizing why my dad is such a great listener: his Intellection and Deliberative talents encourage him to both think deeply, and process his ideas thoroughly before sharing them. This makes him so intentional and thoughtful, which in turn makes me so thankful to be his daughter.

Why Strengths Coaching with Families? I want to facilitate strengths coaching with families, because my own has grown so much in our understanding of each other through CliftonStrengths. Even in our most challenging moments, we're now able to pull back and really consider if we're speaking to/being respectful of the unique mindsets we bring to the table. I feel like I need to pay this magic forward!

See What Others Are Saying

"I felt that I was continually requiring self-talk to not be critical. Going through strengths with my family has helped me to value my strengths and others and appreciate our differences and utilize our differences." - Mom

"After doing strengths with my family I realized I can connect better with them and feel more comfortable about new situations and solving problems. I feel more positive and not discouraged about my weaknesses." - Dad 

"Before strengths, I felt like I was different than everyone else and I thought that was a bad thing." - High School Son

"Sometimes I feel frustrated when trying to explain where I am coming from to my friends and family. After seeing my strengths and learning more about them, especially restorative, in a session with my family, I feel more connected to them." - College Student Daughter

“I cannot say enough about this incredible experience; it was by far one of the best two-hour investments we have ever made together as a family. My goal was simple – I wanted to empower our young adult children with the tools, insight and language of ‘Strengths’ they could use on resumes and in job interviews as they explored career opportunities. I had no idea how impactful it would be. It has bolstered their confidence and brought us closer with a deeper appreciation and understanding of the very best we have to give each other.”  – Mom

“I wasn't sure about this at first, but I’m grateful I was lol ‘forced’ into it. Knowing my Strengths has been transformational and affirming in how to lead.  ”  – College Student Son

"Our family loved our Strengths Retreat. It was a great experience to discover our own strengths, learn more about them and understand ways to enhance those natural abilities into true assets. It also giving us a chance to learn about each other. I loved the conversation before, during and after and I hope to continue the conversation to help each other get stronger and fine-tune our strengths." - Tara Dimick, Mom

Frequently Asked Questions

How much practice should I/my child be doing?

That very much depends on the age of your child and their playing level. I can advise and support each individual student, but here are a few general guidelines to start with: Little and often is always better than one big practice the night before a lesson! a 4 year old beginner will need roughly 5 minutes practice a day A 7 year old beginner, 15 minutes practice a day A grade 1 student, 30 minutes a day A grade 5 student, 45 minutes a day A grade 8 (and beyond) student will need to be practising for minimum an hour a day Longer practises should be broken down into multiple shorter ones (e.g. a post grade-8 student practising for 90 minutes might practise in 3 x 30 minute intervals)

What instrument do you have in your studio?

I own a Steinway Model K upright piano. The model K is an exceptional quality instrument, handcrafted to the same standards as Steinway’s concert grands.

How early can I drop off my child for lessons?

Please drop your child off at their allotted lesson starting time (and please ensure you pick them up on time). I do not have a waiting area, and I am unable to supervise children who are dropped off any earlier than this.

Your students take less exams than other piano students. Why is that?

My students learn an extensive range of repertoire, grounded in a solid technical ability and excellence of musical understanding, and this takes precedence over what is often termed ‘grade-hopping’. For a different perspective on this topic, please visit my blog post The Oxford Reading Tree and 1984

I am / my child is sitting a grade exam on another instrument. Can you help with the aural tests?

Absolutely. The aural component in ABRSM and Trinity exams are the same for each instrument, so it doesn’t matter which instrument your child learns; it will be the same aural tests as the ones I coach for my own exam candidates.

My child has piano lessons at school. Can they continue with these while they learn with you?

Different teachers teach in different and often conflicting ways, and it can be extremely confusing for a student to have two teachers at the same time. If you are considering a new teacher though, you are more than welcome to come along for a trial lesson or two, while continuing with your current teacher. I also understand that there is often a 'crossover period' when students are changing teachers, and I am happy to work temporarily with students who have teachers elsewhere but are contracted in until the end of a half term.

Do you teach adults?

Definitely! Most of my students are children, so most of my literature is geared towards parents, but I have many adult learners; some complete beginners, and some ‘re-learners’ (starting again after learning as a child), all of whom enjoy their lessons and practising very much. Many adults learn an instrument as something to enjoy away from work or family demands, and although finding time to practice can sometimes be more difficult than with children, adults do get a lot of pleasure and satisfaction from their lessons.

Focus on what is right about your family!
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