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Shane Warta

Shane is a graduate of Kansas State University and earned his master’s degree in Christian Leadership from Asbury Theological Seminary. While in seminary, Shane focused on servant leadership through equipping and mobilizing others with coaching and facilitation. Shane was involved with Spiritual Leadership Inc. and the Lay Mobilization Institute.  He also worked at Asbury University through its Adventure Leadership program, facilitating team-building and ropes-course initiatives. Shane has a passion to develop leaders through new and shared experiences and, through the Spirit, creating an inviting space that ignites forward movement.

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For three years, Shane worked for a Christian nonprofit and directed a department that assisted individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities with community involvement. Shane honed his leadership strengths and grew his relationship with God by equipping more than 100 direct-care staff members. As coordinator for lay leadership for UMC churches, Shane recruited and equipped laity within Kansas and Nebraska to live out their mission as disciples of Jesus Christ. He also worked alongside pastors and church leadership. Currently, Shane is Director of Strategic Initiatives at Topeka Community Foundation. He cultivates strategic partnerships for the community and the Foundation, positioning TCF as a civic leader, engaging in catalytic work.



1. Team: Take charge of the direction and create space to fix any leaks to generate a more resourced team.

2. Context: Assess the current realities and cultivate practices for abundance and team growth.

3. Focus: Embrace authenticity through connection and discover your true identity in strengths as a team.

4. Strategy: Build a supportive network and empowering team for yourself and those around you.

5. Transformation: Unleash your potential and move as a well-resourced team into God's preferred future


How it works

1. Contact Shane to plan your team session with 2- 200 people for 2- 8 hours.

2. Identify desired outcomes.

3. Develop your team for greater impact.

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"Being coached by Shane Warta was so much more than I originally expected. It caused me to take an objective look at my life and see the successes I already had that needed celebration and the places in my life that needed more focus. More than anything I believe it taught me to give myself grace. To set good goals, but to be realistic with my expectations. I'd encourage anyone that thinks this coaching wouldn't benefit them to give themself a chance to see things through with Shane Warta."


"Shane is an encourager and a visionary. Shane is able to identify people’s working styles and tap into that style.  I was able to observe him on several occasions, as he used this gift to help form solid teams.  Shane is able to articulate well. He used his coaching gift to help me identify areas to work on.  He helped me set outcome-based goals that assisted me in keeping an eye on the big picture. He was able to do this with teams as well."

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"I’ve had the privilege of working with Shane Warta over the last several years. He is well equipped to coach others to live toward their possibilities."

Bryan, Senior Coach, Spiritual Leadership, Inc. (SLI)

Professor of Leadership & Change, Asbury Theological Seminary

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