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Remote LWML Strengths Training Session 
Discover everyone’s greatest areas for potential and create a common language through team workshop.

Hello, I am Kristen O’Shea, Strengths Coach and daughter of the LWML. I grew up going to conventions and quilting with my mom.

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Now, as an adult, I’ve been able to be involved with LWML on the local and national levels. In my business O’Shea Strengths Coaching, I teach people about their strengths and differences so working together can go a little smoother. I first did a retreat for Oklahoma LWML in 2012. The theme was the story of Esther and we smiled thinking about how God had given Esther the talent of winning others over (woo.)

 While I mainly work with businesses, I’ve grown in doing more for the LWML. I recently did the training for the National Assembly of Leaders and  Interdepartmental meeting for national committees. I started having requests for districts to be able to go through strengths. I’ve worked to create a remote option via video that is doable for most district's price points and that is what I want to share with you here below!

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How it works

1. Contact Kristen to plan your team session with 2- 200+ people for 2 hours.

2. Identify participant's top five CliftonStrengths through the assessment. 

3. Get access to hand-outs, facilitator guide and videos.

3. Do your workshop when you want and understand your team better!

What You Get
  • Two-hour workshop

  • One-time access to videos (three video modules of 10 minutes and a summary video)

  • Three activities (Name and Share Talents, Domains & Team Map, and Raw vs. Mature Strengths)

  • Hand-outs (Full 34 Strengths descriptions, FAQ, Activity Sheets, and Contact)

  • Facilitator guide (Someone onsite will need to wrap up activities and push play on the video)

  • Pre-call with Kristen

  • Post-call with Kristen

  • Access codes will still need to be purchased through Gallup for $25 per person. We can help you navigate that.

For a price point of $500, which is 1/6 the price of a normal workshop.


As a member of a national non-profit, Lutheran Women in Mission, it was important that our all-volunteer board of directors, who set the strategic direction for the organization, work seamlessly together. The members of the board are elected/appointed every two years and live all across the country. Many have never worked together before.

Even though each member of the board had the same purpose, to joyfully proclaim Christ, support missions, and equip women to honor God by serving others, they each had different approaches of how to work towards this goal. As we began our term of office, there were misunderstandings and misinterpretations among the board and many of these related to how the individuals in the group worked and participated in decision-making.

Taking the Clifton Strengths assessment, viewing the results, and most importantly having Kristen share detailed information about each strength category, gave the board members a better understanding of themselves and each other. The Clifton Strengths training was different from any other analytic tools that many of us had taken in the past. That is because the focus is identifying and leaning into the strengths of each individual member of the team and leading others by using their strengths.

After discussing and processing the results, our board members recognized that some of the struggles we had as a team when looking at an opportunity, participating in a discussion, or completing a task were directly related to our individual strengths. As a group, we shared our strengths and how we participated in our roles in the board. This led to many aha moments and helped us to develop a better way of understanding and reacting to each other. What we used to think was criticism was a someone using their analytical skills to ask questions from one of our members was her way of analyzing the suggestion. The Clifton Strengths assessment and work we did with Kristen helped us become a more efficient and effective board. The only regret we had was that we should have done this earlier. All in all it was an incredible way to learn more about ourselves as leaders and learn about each other. I would strongly encourage others to work with Kristin and her strengths coaching.

Michelle Jenks, Former National LWML Strategic Plan Facilitator 

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